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S.C. FIERCTC SIBEL S.R.L. is a young company, founded in 1998, with 100% private capital that focuses it’s efforts to meet the demands of the building materials market.

About us

S.C. FIERCTC SIBEL S.R.L. company began operations in 1998 with the production of melaminated edges for furniture, it’s goal objectives being the continuous process improvement, and, in parallel, the identification of segments on the consumer market where supply and demand are discrepantly compared.

Thus in 2003, the management decided to expand the business in the production of building materials, with a first step in the realization of profiles and metal accessories used to fix drywall panels.

The next step was approached in 2006 and aimed at manufacturing the metallic roof tiles and metallic accessories for metallic roofings, plane and corrugated steel sheets used in steel construction work and collectively, generaly called closures and covers, and in 2007 we started the production of welded meshes used for concrete reinforcement.

Bound directly to the building materials market, the company’s policy required and still requires necessary development and investment plans closely coordinated with the needs of actors in the construction industry.

This is possible only by truly understanding the problems that they face, using powerful technology, working with experienced staff, constantly trained and being aware of the relationship between professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Wishing to respond as promptly as required by the building materials market, the entire business was transferred in 2008 to a new location chosen in the industrial area of the City of Galaţi. This change was made equally so following the implementation of European standards and therefore continuous extension of the industry, which required a reorganization.

In 2010 the company started producing the UA-profiles used for drywall panels metallic structures and the U–profiles used for PVC profile reinforcement with a production line having a production speed of 80 m/min and in 2012 the company began the production for Durotek and Karpatik metallic roofing systems. To complete the range of metallic roofing accessories, rainwater draining systems and metallic roofing and closures, S.C. FIERCTC S.R.L. began their production in 2013 and still provides customers with rainwater drain systems of 165 mm and 125 mm.

From the beginning, the company has implemented a quality management system and continually concentrates it’s efforts to ensure customer satisfaction through quality and readiness.