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S.C. FIERCTC SIBEL S.R.L. is a young company, founded in 1998, with 100% private capital that focuses it’s efforts to meet the demands of the building materials market.


S.C. FIERCTC SIBEL S.R.L. manufactures and markets a wide range of building materials including: metallic roofing systems consisting of metallic tiles of different shapes and sizes and metallic accessories for closing systems, rainwater systems, roofing systems and closings for industrial buildings (construction of halls and warehouses), metallic profiles and accessories for drywall systems, flat sheets, corrugated sheets and strips made out of galvanized and prepainted steel coils, welded meshes for concrete reinforcements, melaminated films for furniture, ensuring the quality of its products by implementing quality management system ISO:9001 and providing a wide range of colors, patterns and backgrounds.

Metallic roofing systems

Our company offers complete systems for metallic roofs in 3 constructive ranges...

Rainwater systems

S.C. FIERCTC SIBEL S.R.L. provides the rainwater system in a variety of colors that cover the range of colors...

Closings and metallic roofing systems for industrial buildings

The closings systems and the corrugated sheets for roof covers are made out...

Metallic systems for plasterboard walls

The metallic profiles for gypsum board walls and ceilings are designed to achieve the steel...

Plane, corrugated and striped steel sheets

S.C. FIERCTC SIBEL S.R.L. produces a wide variety of flat sheets, corrugated sheets and flat strips, flat...

Welded meshes for concrete reinforcement

Welded meshes are reinforcements made from welded steel bars, which in combination with...

U profiles for PVC reinforcement

U type profiles are designed for reinforcing the PVC structures...

Melaminated edges for MFC furniture

Our company is a leading processor for melaminated films, purchasing the foil drums...