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S.C. FIERCTC SIBEL S.R.L. is a young company, founded in 1998, with 100% private capital that focuses it’s efforts to meet the demands of the building materials market.

Closings and metallic roofing systems for industrial buildings

The closings systems and the corrugated sheets for roof covers are made out of quality steel, being recommended for the structural roofing of industrial and commercial buildings, public offices, etc. The mounting is done easily and putting them into work takes a short period of time.

The closings systems and metal roof covers are produced according to the European standards. The base material of the product is the hot-dip galvanized steel sheet coated on both sides with a layer of 225 g Zn/m2. Over the zinc layer there is applied a passivation layer of 1 μm, followed by a 7 μm layer of primer on both sides. On the lower side there is applied a protective varnish with 10μm of epoxy, and on the upper side a layer of silicone polyester 25 μm thick, 35 μm thick matt polyester or 200 μm thick plastisol as appropriate.

Also, the closings and metal roof covers provided by S.C. FIERCTC SIBER S.R.L. are a quick and economical solution for building roofing, or to achieve the exterior and interior walls of the structure.

The available profiles types are: trapezoidal PR45, trapezoidal PR12 and trapezoidal PR 30.

The maximum manufacturing length is 8 m.

Range of colors For the closings and metallic roofing systems our company offers the following RAL colors:

RAL Glossy - available thickness: 0.40÷0.50 mm
RAL Matte - available thickness: 0.45÷0.50 mm
RAL Matte GRANITE STORM® - available thickness: 0.55÷0.60 mm