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S.C. FIERCTC SIBEL S.R.L. is a young company, founded in 1998, with 100% private capital that focuses it’s efforts to meet the demands of the building materials market.

Melaminated edges for MFC furniture

Our company is a leading processor for melaminated films, purchasing the foil drums from leading manufacturers in Germany and having a productivity of over 6000 m2 per day.

Execution Melaminated film is produced according to SF-01:2004.

Dimensional range The company sells regular melaminated foil for straight surfaces, and soft edge films for curved surfaces. Standard dimensions are: length 50 lm and width 21 mm, 32 mm, 42 mm.

Delivery The melaminated film can be delivered both with and without adhesive. The melaminated film without adhesive is sold in rolls of length roughly equal to the length of the drum (ex. 400 lm, 500 lm, 550 lm). Large orders are met within three days from their receipt ( special designs that are not in stock or orders that are more than 5000 m2).

Flexibility We can also process according to customer's wishes melaminated foil rolls with widths from 16mm to 100mm, with or without adhesives. We can also bring new decors that are not processed at this time, according to custom request. For all the types of designs we can provide soft forming films.


The range of decors S.C. FIERCTC SIBEL S.R.L. offers you a choice of over 100 decors, whose matching with MFC panels is over 95%.