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S.C. FIERCTC SIBEL S.R.L. is a young company, founded in 1998, with 100% private capital that focuses it’s efforts to meet the demands of the building materials market.

Rainwater systems

S.C. FIERCTC SIBEL S.R.L. provides the rainwater system in a variety of colors that covers the range of colors for the roofing system. The available rainwater systems are the 125 mm and 165 mm ones.

The rainwater system enhancess the roofing system efficiency by controlling the draining of the rainwater. Splice trays and covers areas have gaskets that achieve the perfect sealing of the system.

Rainwater systems for metallic roofings are produced from hot-dip galvanized steel sheets with 0.6 mm thickness and with a layer of Zn 275 g/m2. The coating is at least 35 μm according to EN SR 10169 and EN 14782.

Rainwater systems can be installed quickly and easily. They are intended for residential buildings, industrial and public buildings.

Range of colors For the rainwater system our company offers the following RAL colors:

RAL Glossy
RAL Matte